Our next Iron Ring Ceremony will be held on March 16, 2019.

Camp 18 holds two Obligation Ceremonies per year. The spring ceremony is primarily for students graduating from the Schulich School of Engineering. Registration for the spring ceremony takes place through Student Services in the Faculty offices.  If space is available, a limited number of practising engineers may also receive their iron rings at this ceremony.

The Fall Ceremony is typically held in November for practising engineers who wish to undertake the Obligation and receive their Iron Ring. A limited number of new graduates may also attend this ceremony.

Eligibility Requirements for Practising Engineers

To attend an obligation ceremony, Practicing Engineers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of a CEAB accredited engineering degree, or
  2. A declaration of being equivalently academically qualified for registration as a Professional Engineer by at least one provincial or territorial association of Professional Engineers.

Q: Can a close family member or colleague present me with my Iron Ring?

Yes, provided they are an Obligated Engineer with at least 15 years of working experience and are wearing their Iron Ring at the time of the Ceremony. The guest presenter should check with a warden prior to the ceremony for instructions.