Camp 18 Virtual Iron Ring Ceremony

Welcome to the Camp 18 (Calgary) Iron Ring Ceremony!

This Page will be used to broadcast our Ritual.

The Program will begin at 1:30 on Saturday March 18, 2023, you can log in anytime after 12:00PM that day. Avoid the rush, Please, log in early. Due to logistical issues we are only able to livestream the afternoon ceremony, sorry. They are identical, and we don’t show any students on camera in any case.

Please note the following:

  1. Students must sign in using the email email account that you registered with, otherwise we don’t know that it is you and won’t be able to send your ring!  Guests can just use the guest password:  “”. If you forgot to register your guest, just forward this sign in information to them.
  2. Only People who are registered  for the Ceremony and their guests will be permitted into the livestream  broadcast that day.
  3. It’s advisable to use your computer browser. Your phone may work, but some of the functionality you need may not. We will record your sign in.
  4. Very important!  you must respond to the Oath Poll that will be on your screen below the video just after you complete the Oath. Guests don’t have to do this of course. You will have until  the broadcast ends at about 3:00 PM to complete this Poll.  You must complete this so we know that you have attended, and can send your ring to you. if you don’t see this just reply to this email  and confirm that you have taken the oath with us.
  5. Your ring and certificates will be mailed out to people attending on line as soon as we can, it will take some time to prepare all the certificates and lick all the stamps, so please be patient. they should arrive in the mail within a week or two. People attending in person will receive their  rings and certificates at the end of the ceremony
  6. Mail out problems. Last time we had a few packages returned to us because of problems with the mailman, and it will happen again. Please ensure that your address is correct and complete, your postal code is required.  If it is returned to us we will try to contact you to correct the problem and resend the envelope. That can all take a few months if it happens, so again it will require some patience, but we will get it sorted eventually.
  7. If your ring doesn’t fit as well as you would like when you get it, please give it a few days. Our website has a section entitled Ring Exchanges which provides you with the instructions on how to mail it back to us and request a different size. We have set up in person exchanges at our office as well, your choice.
  8. Look for our email about a week prior to the date. It will provide you with these instructions and the link to this page once again.
  9. Congratulations again from Camp 18. We look forward to seeing you on March 18th!