Ring Size Exchange and Lost Ring Replacement

Camp 18 offers free sizing exchanges periodically from a downtown Calgary office.  If you have your old ring and want to exchange it for another size, please contact camp18chiefwarden@gmail.com to book an appointment.  If downtown Calgary is not convenient, please contact camp18chiefwarden@gmail.com to make alternate arrangements.

If you have lost your ring, we can replace it by online order and we will mail a new one out to you.  If you originally received your Iron Ring in Calgary, please fill out the following form (including payment).  We are a volunteer group — please expect to receive your ring in 4 – 6 weeks.

If you received your Iron Ring from a Camp other than Camp 18, we encourage you to replace your Iron Ring with your Home Camp – you can look up your Home Camp here.

If you have questions, check out the ring replacement FAQ below the form or contact camp18chiefwarden@gmail.com

Replacement Ring Order Form

Q: I live in Calgary but received my ring at another Camp. What should I do?

The Iron Ring Camps rely on revenue from ring replacement for their operations. Please visit www.ironring.ca to find contact info for your original camp.

Q: Can I pick up my ring in person?

Sorry, no. We are a volunteer operation and do not have an office or storefront.

Q: I’m not sure I have my original Obligation Certificate. Will the small oath card, my APEGA membership, or a copy of my degree suffice?

No. Your unique Obligation Number is required as proof that you have attended a Ceremony. The Obligation Number can only be found on your Obligation Certificate, and if you provide it, it will speed up your order. We can look up your Obligation Number for you but it will slow down your order.

Q: Can I replace someone’s Iron Ring for them as a surprise?

No. Only an Obligated Engineer can order a replacement.

Q: I do not have my size, do you have it on record?

We do not have the ring size for all candidates on record and we cannot rely upon the ones we have. Please go to a jeweller and ask them to size the “pinky” finger of your working hand (there should not be a charge).

Q: Are there any guidelines for sizing my ring?

Yes. Please take note of the following:

  1. Your finger’s size will be affected by the time of day, temperature, humidity exercise, and other factors. Your fingers may also tend to swell later in the day.
  2. It is best to measure your ring size later in the day at room temperature. Never measure your ring when your hands are cold.
  3. The ring must fit over your knuckle and sit comfortably at the base of your finger. The correct size will require you to twist once or twice to get it off the knuckle, otherwise, your ring will fall off when your hands are wet or cold.
  4. If the ring slips off your finger easily past your knuckle when removing it, try a half size smaller.
  5. If you are not used to wearing a ring, the proper size may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Please allow two weeks before requesting an alternate size.
  6. Do not use online sizing charts available on the internet. We have found these are not accurate.

If your question isn’t answered, send us a message.