Registration for In person Plus On line

Registration is open on Jan 29th  till Feb 28 for

The Camp 18 Spring 2023 IRON RING CEREMONY


We are offering two options for the next Iron ring Ceremony.  You may register for either the in-person or the on-line ceremony

Please Register for only one of these options, do not register for both. Both events will run at the same time, we will livestream the in person ceremony.

 Guests are welcome.  You can have as many online guests as you like, and up to two guests for the in person ceremony

Check the FAQ page if you have any questions for further information about registering for the Ritual .

You will need your ring Size. Please go to the student services counter down the hall from the deans office, or to any jeweler to get the ring size for you pinky finger of your working hand.  There will be several exchange opportunities both at the ceremony and about two weeks after on campus.


In Person Registration for Saturday March 18th, 2023

Anyone wishing to attend the Iron Ring Ceremony Live at MacEwan Hall may register here. You can invite on line guests as well. You will attend at either 9 AM or at 1 PM, depending on which discipline you are in.

Mechanical, Chemical and Oil and Gas will attend at 9 AM, Electrical, Software, Civil, Geomatics and Energy at  1 PM

The confirmation email  you will receive right after you register will confirm the time. We will confirm how to sign in to the online broadcast  in an email about a week prior.


Virtual (OnLine) Ceremony Registration

Register here for the On-line event to run concurrently with the in-person ceremony at 1:30 PM.  We plan to livestream the in-person event for those who would prefer not to attend a public event, or would like to experience the ritual in a more private setting with their guests.

We will forward the details on how you and your guests can log into the live stream broadcast about  one week prior to the event.