Online Ceremony Registration

Registrations are  open for the Virtual Iron Ring Ceremony, Nov 13, 1:30 PM

Registration has officially Opened  for the fall iron ring ceremony, and will close on November 1st.  Yes we did try to do this in person, but between the provincial rules and the university restrictions, it is just not possible at the time. This will be an online event as we have done in the recent past.

Before you register, please go to a jeweler and ask them to measure the small finger of your working hand for a standard North American ring size. There should be no charge for this. Please be aware that the internet instructions on how to size your own finger don’t seem to be accurate, many people ended up with rings that were 4 sizes to big last time.

Any Student who has completed their undergraduate Engineering degree, or are on track for completion of their degree requirements for Dec 2021  may register here. We will need your student number.

If you graduated last year, but did not get your ring due to the COVID cancellations, just register as if you are a 2021 graduate.

If you are registered with APEGA, or any other provincial association, as an EIT or P.Eng you may also register here. We will need your APEGA number.

Sorry, people registered with APEGA as a Limited Licensee or Professional Licensee are not eligible for the Ritual.

A confirmation email will be sent right after  you  register.  Just prior to the event another email will be sent to provide instructions on how to register and log in to the webinar. Please check your spam filter to allow these emails from our account.

If you register but are not able to attend the Webinar for any reason, we are sorry we cannot provide a refund, and you will not be sent a ring. You must attend the ceremony and take the Obligation to receive your ring. If this happens you can simply register for the next event. Yes, that means you will have to pay again.  Check the site for details of the next event, normally held in March and November

If you are not attending U of C you can register with us, but we will need a copy of your transcript or something else like a letter from the registrar, indicating that you are about to graduate from a Canadian University undergraduate Engineering Program. Just click the button to upload the JPEG  or other photo file. Please ensure that it has your name on it someplace.

We will mail your ring and certificate to you after we confirm your attendance, it should arrive within two weeks of the event. If your ring doesn’t fit very well, please go to the ring EXCHANGE page on this site for instructions on how to do that.